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Laser Cataract Surgery and Its Benefits

Seeing more clearly is the primary goal of cataract surgery, but with new lasers and premium lenses, it is also possible to achieve sharper vision. These days, people’s vision may be enhanced so they can see without using glasses, irrespective of the distance. And the laser has played a tremendous role in this development.

Laser Cataract Defined

A cataract is when the eye’s natural lenses turn hazy. In a traditional cataract operation, surgeons use a blade to make a round cut on the lens capsule to get access to the cataract. Ultrasound waves are then introduced, causing the cataract to break into tiny fragments, which the doctor extracts manually . Finally, the new artificial lens is attached as a replacement of the cloudy natural lens.

Laser cataract surgery, on the other hand, relies on a laser beam for incising and opening the lens. It can make a more exact, repeatable, and reliable incision than any surgeon can manually.

Below are specific advantages of laser cataract surgery compared to traditional cataract surgery:Here are specific benefits offered by laser cataract surgery when compared to old-fashioned cataract surgery:The following are concrete advantages laser cataract surgery comes with:

Enduring Results

After a three-month stabilization period for the eye, laser results are expected to last for life. There is no need for other procedures, except when the surgery was overdone or underdone, and the patient’s corrected eye will be good as fresh.

Quick Results and Recovery

You won’t be allowed to drive right after a laser surgery, but most patients can return to their normal routine as soon as the day after, provided the eyes aren’t exposed to too much dust.

Goodbye to Contacts

The cost that people pay for contact lenses each year is about 375 to 450 dollars. Granted, laser surgery costs way more than that, but remember that you only need to pay for it once. After a certain period, it will start paying for itself by removing the need to purchase contacts, and you now begin to save money. Not to mention no more hurting your eye as you stick your finger in to remove a contact, no more groping the floor for a lost contact, and no need to bother with cleaning solutions.

Goodbye to Eyeglasses

It’s undeniable how much your look changes the moment you take off your glasses. Plus you can buy all the styles of shades you want, instead of hoping for special lenses to be available, or buying pricey prescription sunglasses.

Case in point: nothing is better than laser cataract surgery if you want to restore your perfect or near-perfect vision quickly and permanently. But note that not all laser cataract surgeons are created equal. You still have to do a little research if you want to have your surgery with the best.

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